Have you ever had an interview that was really uncomfortable? You know, the interview during which everyone red ques ons at you and watched with blank expressions as you squirmed in your seat. The interview where it wasn’t just your suit that was making you sweat and you couldn’t wait to get away.

On the ip side, have you ever had an interview that went just swimmingly? The interview where you walked in the room and instantly relaxed because everyone smiled and joked with you. The interview that felt less like a gruel- ing Q & A and more like a good conversa on. The interview that le you hop- ing you would have the opportunity to work such a great bunch of people.

We can look at marke ng approaches much the same way. Tradi onal mar- ke ng is a bit like the rst interview experience. Whether it comes in the form of unwanted iers bulking up your mail boxes (and trash cans), or loud, obnoxious radio adver sements, tradi onal marke ng tends to be o -pu ng and makes the majority of people uncomfortable.

nbound marke ng is a lot like the second interview scenario. Compelling con- tent and useful informa on allow people to connect with your company and take an interest in developing a rela onship with your brand. It draws people

What’s the Secret behind Inbound Marketing?

in, rather than ge ng in their faces. Inbound marke ng opens the door for businesses to engage and have a conversa on with customers.

What do Your inbound Marketing efforts Look Like?

Once companies catch onto the vision of inbound marke ng (or see the re- wards their compe tors are reaping as a result of it), they are o en confused about how turn the concept into a reality.

“I have a good website with great web copy and I post to the company blog every other week, but I haven’t seen the results you’re talking about.”

Sound familiar? If this reminds you of something you would say, it’s because there’s a lot more to inbound marke ng than you realize.

Inbound marke ng requires staying power and dedica on and should be treated as an in-depth, ongoing campaign. There are many di erent compo- nents of inbound marke ng. What works well for one business may not work as well for another.

inbound Marketing teaM checkList

We’re not here to pull the wool over your eyes. In all honesty, it takes me and e ort to gure out the best inbound marke ng “angle” for your com-

What’s the Secret behind Inbound Marketing?

pany. It also takes as a whole lot of exper se in order to know what type of content will be most suitable for your company’s goals.

What quali es and abili es should individuals have in order to carry out a rock-star inbound marke ng campaign? Who will take your company to the next level?

Your check-list for a solid inbound marke ng team should consist of these 4 boxes:

Strong inbound marke ng track record

Tried and proven experience is essen al. Your marke ng team needs to have a solid grasp of how inbound marke ng works and should be able to prescribe the best inbound marke ng methods to your company.

Simply asking your current marke ng team to research inbound mar- ke ng in their spare me isn’t enough. They need to know how to analyze your business’s needs and be able to dra a solid inbound marke ng plan that will bring your company results. They should have a por olio lled with inbound marke ng success stories.

You don’t have the me and money to waste on a campaign lead by people with li le to no inbound marke ng experience. You need posi- ve results from the get-go.

What’s the Secret behind Inbound Marketing?

Current with trends

In this day of rapid technology and online evolu on, trends are o en “out” before you realized they were “in.” This is transforming market- ing from an environment of artsy crea ve types into a world of inter- net scien sts.

If your marketers are not prepared to/do not know how/do not have me to stay on top of trends, it will hurt your business considerably and you will fall way behind.

Here are some areas marketers CANNOT a ord to fall behind on:

• Consumer interests and decisions • Social media evolu on
• Search engine algorithms
• SEO changes

• Web design and user interface trends

Remember, DO NOT get involved with anyone who calls themselves an SEO marketer (or even has ‘SEO’ in their job tle). In case you haven’t heard, SEO is dead, and any good inbound marketer will know that.

What’s the Secret behind Inbound Marketing?

Besides knowing what inbound marke ng is all about and how to stay ahead of the game, there are some essen als your inbound marketers should possess:

  • coding skills: Inbound marketers need to know how to publish content on content management systems, email marke ng pla orms, and so- cial media channels. As such, marketers need to know HTML and CSS. JavaScript and PHP are really bene cial to know as well.
  • Marke ng automa on know-how: Inbound marketers ought to know how to implement marke ng automa on so ware such as HubSpot or Infusionso . This truly is essen al to streamlining your inbound mar- ke ng campaign.

    Design Background: Having a strong eye for design is essen al. Even the best copy in the world will be overlooked if it’s not in a format that is appealing and op mized for all digital devices. Your inbound marketers don’t have to be award-winning designers, but they should be able to recognize and appreci- ate good design.

    • Ability to strategize: Your inbound marketers need to be able to come up with a sound strategy to help your company achieve its goals. Not

What’s the Secret behind Inbound Marketing?

knowing which direc on to take your inbound marke ng campaign will set you up for failure.

Rock Star Content Creators

Inbound marke ng is o en referred to as “content” marke ng. As such, you cannot execute a successful content marke ng campaign without frequent- ly-produced, high-quality and engaging content. That means your inbound marketers need to create content that is:

  • accessible and appealing to the audience,
  • gramma cally sound,
  • lled with en cing tles and sub tles,
  • forma ed for easy scanning,
  • shareable, and
  • unforge able.

    Remember, just as amazing content will help you, so will poor or mediocre content hurt you. If your customer reads poorly wri en content, not only will they walk away, but they will not return. In this “smarter” day and age, your customers have come to expect quality informa on; they won’t pardon any- thing less.

How Do You Check Your Inbound Marketng Boxes?

work load is not only hard to nd, but is also very expensive (because you really need a decent-sized team to head a strong inbound marke ng cam- paign).

That’s what makes hiring inbound marke ng companies such an undeniably strong and economical choice. Not only will an inbound marke ng compa- ny like Digital Flavor provide professional and powerful inbound marke ng exper se (think about it, that’s ALL we do), but our dedicated team will cost less each month than what you would pay ONE in-house employee.

Frankly, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.