The year is 2015. Content marketing is here to stay, and everyone knows the importance of having quality written content. However, a wall of text—no matter how well written—is not going to get the job done. With so much content available, you really need to have a unique product or message to get through the noise. Excellent content marketing comes from a successful blend of the written word and stunning visuals that captivate your audience. The right premium inbound marketing company can help you on the path to infographic success.

The Importance of Visual Content

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but an image with text tells an entire story.

Tweet by: Jordan Belfort (@wolfofwallst)

Also, tweets with images receive 18{e108bb21be762fc6fa6f79a68ef8277ec5dd508afc1fd385a5d42c82a88a4204} more clicks, 89{e108bb21be762fc6fa6f79a68ef8277ec5dd508afc1fd385a5d42c82a88a4204} more favorites, and 150{e108bb21be762fc6fa6f79a68ef8277ec5dd508afc1fd385a5d42c82a88a4204} more retweets than those without images. If that were the case, why wouldn’t you include visuals with your written content?

Infographic by We Are Teachers via KISSmetrics.

Infographic by: We Are Teachers via KISSmetrics.

The Best Infographics

As with any other piece of content, if it’s not well written and easy to understand people are going to scroll right past your infographic. Remember, you’re not writing a novel. Hit the main points and, if you need to explain further, look to the example of pairing your infographic with an article or a blog post.

Learning from Newspapers

Infographic by: The Washington Post

Infographic by: The Washington Post

Premium inbound marketing companies are becoming very good at crafting message-laden infographics, but some of the best examples of using an infographic to tell a story come from the original storytellers – newspapers. Newspapers have adapted to the digital age just like everybody else, but they have an advantage over the rest of us: they’ve been using infographics for years in the forms of charts, graphs and photos. It should come as no surprise that they’ve figured out how to keep using visual content in digital articles and their accompanying social media posts. The Washington Post recently reported that the U.S. Marine Corps hasn’t upgraded their sniper rifle in the past 14 years. The article was compelling by itself, but they included a well-designed infographic that complemented the text of the article and held its own as a stand-alone story on social media.


Using infographics will help you get your message across in unique, relevant and interesting ways. Looking to find a premium inbound marketing company experienced at blending written and visual content? Digital Flavor can you help you find the blend you need! Click here to learn more about our written and designed services.