Coming up with top quality blogging topics isn’t easy. All of the obvious subject matter has been covered a million times by a million different websites. Writer’s block is something even the most experienced content marketers struggle with from time to time.

In order for your blog to take off and get a real following, you are going to need to write material that has its own spin. It needs to be unique, funny, educational or experience-driven if you are going to separate yourself from the crowd

Below are a few different tactics and tools I use for finding topics that will hopefully add value to the digital marketing community.

Answer Questions

This is really the starting point to any content marketing campaign. First, you need to define your audience. This will help you think of questions they would have about your product or service. Defining exactly who is your target audience is definitely inbound marketing 101.

Put yourself into the shoes of one of the different buyer personas you are trying to attract. If you are trying to target some one that is brand new to the industry, you will need to answer a more basic question.

If your product is extremely niche, you are going to need to get much more technical. It really just depends on the exact buyer persona.

Open a Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet and start listing questions users would have about your industry. You can also ask friends and family that aren’t familiar with your market questions they would like clarified.

After you’ve developed this list, you can go through and pick the best questions. You want to think where you have the most knowledge to add value to the conversation. Remember, one of the core goals of all content marketing campaign is to show your brand’s expertise.


Quora is a tool used by many content marketers. You can easily visit the website at This is an excellent tool to see what’s being said about a particular topic.

Quora is an index of discussions being had about pretty much everything. All you need to do is enter one of the root keywords you are targeting, and Quora will pull up a list of subject matter. The nice thing is it shows you how many conversations are being held about that particular topic.

We highly recommend giving Quora a try. It is a quick and easy way to determine how much interest there is about a particular keyword or phrase. This should help you prioritize your writing.

Pull from Your Own Experience

The root of content marketing is to give expertise, tips, and guidance about your industry. How can you produce this kind of content if you aren’t a real expert?

If you are a copywriter doing fulfillment, you obviously won’t have 5 years of experience in every field. If that is the case, we highly recommend you spend at least 45 min or and hour getting yourself familiar with the field. This will help you come up with a topic that will add value to the community. If you fit into this category, you are going to definitely want to start with something less technical.

If you are an expert in your industry, be sure to pull from your personal background. When you can recall actual events or experiences, it will definitely increase your credibility.

Create a Study

Data goes a long way in most industries. If you are involved with online marketing, you’ll know how many tactics, recommendations, and strategies are subjective. Opinions are just opinions. If you can back up your opinion with real data, you’ll have something people can’t question.

We recommend coming up with some kind of case study. You can test a variety of different variables in your particular industry. The point is compiling indisputable data about the question at hand.

Once you have gathered the data, it is extremely easy to explain your hypothesis and the results of the test in a blog post.


I think we can all agree that Google is moving in a content direction. If we can write amazing blog posts that add value to our communities, we will be recognized as both industry experts and receive the blessing of organic rankings.

At Digital Flavor we believe strongly in inbound and content marketing. If you would like to see how we can help your brand obtain top, organic rankings, take advantage of our free website analysis.