SEO marketing can be confusing.

You hear so many thing from so many people – all seemingly contradictory. How do you piece together this puzzle when every other day you hear or read something that contradicts the last piece of information you consumed?

This is why SEO in general has a bad name, and why SEO experts have an even worse one.

But a simple way to start filtering the information is to think in terms of white-hat and black-hat SEO. White-hat SEO is innocent and plays by the rules. Black-hat SEO is guilty of attempting to trick search engines and manipulate the results in ways that aren’t in anyone’s best interests (except their own).

You must understand that search engine’s don’t really like ‘SEO.’ They’re totally fine with you creating terrific content that deserves to rank for what people are searching for. In fact, that’s exactly what they want you to do. But what they don’t want you to do is use manipulative practices in an attempt to reverse engineer their algorithm.

But the fact is that most SEO practices are fundamentally attempting to manipulate what search engine’s offer people; which is access to the best most relevant information for what they search for.

So it’s useful to look at white-hat methods as long term, while black-hat methods are short-term (at best). Black-hat methods may work for a few months, but with every new Google update they are ‘catching’ and penalizing sites using these dirty tricks.

So as a legitimate business, with a long-term approach, you need legitimate SEO methods, with a long-term approach.

That’s exactly what we offer.

But specifically, here are 8 things we will and won’t do for your SEO campaign. As you read these, think in terms of white-hat and black-hat. We’re all about white-hat. Black-hat: not so much.

1 WE WILL: create a smart keyword plan based on advanced research methods.

Keyword selection is fundamental to effective SEO. Choosing the wrong keywords could mean significant wasted effort and resources for your business. That’s why we put together a smart keyword plan based on advanced research methods with a long term approach.

2 WE WON’T: haphazardly select keywords

We organize our keyword research into categories. These categories represent your significant business activities. Then we put together a list of keywords with each category. These keywords are sub segmented into “local and specific” and “national and broad.”

Now we have a master list to select from as the campaign progresses.

3 WE WILL: create the content, and code, your website needs

Once we’ve established what keywords to target, it’s time to get busy making the appropriate website changes that will ensure search engines know what to consider ranking your site for. These changes start with creating optimized content, along with appropriate coding tweaks, based around your keyword selection.

We’ll handle all content and coding changes that need to happen for your website’s search engine success – and we’ll do it right.

4 WE WON’T: use shady keyword stuffing methods

Years ago this was a big deal. SEO experts would slam a bunch of unwarranted keywords into a webpage in an attempt to manipulate search engines.

These days, they don’t do it so obvious but it does still happen. Ever see a random header word that doesn’t really make sense? That is keyword stuffing. We fit in your keywords perfectly and tactfully.

5 WE WILL: build your domains authority in a natural and creative way

Search engine’s aren’t perfect. They use methods to make evaluations. Some methods work, some don’t. One method they use to determine a domain’s authority are external links. External links represent a vote of confidence. Your site needs these votes to ever be considered by search engines as legitimate and worthy.

Every situation is different, but we find creative and natural ways to get your site links. These links are natural and won’t hurt you with the next Google update.

6 WE WON’T: use shady link building tactics

Want to get your domain slammed with a penalty? The easiest, and quickest way to make this happen is by using shady link building tactics.

These days, search engines are just smarter, and artificial links don’t work. Not only do they not work, they are likely to get your site saddled with a penalty. Fun stuff huh. This is why we developed link building tactics and partnerships that will give your site the authority it desperately needs, without being a potential problem down the road. Simply stated, our link building works.

7 WE WILL: give you very specific progress and work-item reports

The reports we generate keep you in the loop and make it easy to explain what’s going on to other important people within your organization. Everyone will know that you have things handled and the budget being allocated is not being wasted.

Our reports detail both results, and and work item completion. We compare this with our set, mutually agreed upon, expectations and provide 100{e108bb21be762fc6fa6f79a68ef8277ec5dd508afc1fd385a5d42c82a88a4204} transparency.

8 WE WON’T: falsify, manipulate, or bastardize data or information

This is a shocker but we know from experience that many SEO providers cook the books. They manipulate the data they report to their customers, change around the completed work items, all in an attempt to keep you paying them for something that isn’t working.

Our SEO reporting is honest and transparent. We’re not about lying. We’re about honesty. We believe that Golden Rules Work.

This is SEO the Digital Flavor way. Of course, there is much I left out. I’d love to answer any questions you have though! Contact us and we’ll happily discuss details.