Google is being built on the philosophy of constant development.

This development is charged on the basis of providing optimum results to Googles Search Engine. At one point, commenting on articles or guest posting was a valuable source of link building but we’re all aware that such a practice holds very little weight anymore.

All these common link building tactics are being destroyed or targeted one after the other.

In saying that, our search engine expert delved deep into the core of common SEO practices currently circulating and devised a plan of action that is based on Branding.

Look to all the popular ranking sites in any niche – literally anything that pops into mind. Be it in the food recipe industry, internet marketing, property maintenance or even inbound marketing – the sites currently dominated are built on one key feature.


Developing SEO around Brands

That’s correct, every one of these blogs promotes a strong brand. Why is this pivotal? Well, Google itself has constructed itself as a Brand.

Now if the Search Engine in which we all are trying to rank for is promoting and building itself as a brand, wouldn’t that mean the manner in which it’s algorithm operates is dependent on identifying blogs as brands.

Put some thought into how Google has developed. Why did it continuously develop? From being a place with blogs of research and personal diary entries, google now indexes and deals with brands from REAL life such as Samsung, Zara clothing, Eco Friendly Organizations and so forth.


Because Google has identified that the online market or the online sphere of life is becoming more dominant over the offline sphere.

Think about televisions – the standard 40 inch LCD screen is more than enough for watching television yet the development and expansion of these devices are ground breaking. I would go as far as to say that owning the best TV on the market right now would replace the need of visiting a cinema all together or even going to watch a soccer match live!

This means that Google is trying to build a search engine that is almost larger than life, if that’s even possible?

You don’t believe me?

Before Facebook or even Myspace, the best source of socializing was going out and meeting people in Malls, concerts or even the beach – Real Life Interaction. Fast forward and now socially, people are dependent on social networking online. A complete factor of life has been transmitted to the online world. Did you ever anticipate that happening? Probably not but it did happen.

Buying products and services online at one point didn’t seem realistic. Common practice was such that business was conducted in real life following real time yet one of the biggest sectors in business is now the online market.

Ever anticipated that occurring?

Google wants to create its world with homes that are authoritative and recognizable by the establishment of BRANDS over websites.

Would you purchase a phone from a dodgy guy in an alley way or from a reputable store like Verizon? My money is on the latter.


Because Verizon is a brand that supplies mobiles as well as data plans and so forth. It has properly constructed itself as an authoritative brand in the mobile niche and promotes itself as a brand.

Similarly, Google will promote and rank brands that it recognizes over any standard built website. Not even EDM – Exact Match Domains makes the cut for standard websites.

The Key to Branding Online – SEO 2.0

It is a core element to our product Content Cornerstone that embraces useful working white hat practices with the combination of high quality content that is optimized to promote your brand.

This means, by trial and error we developed a content system that eliminates negative factors to SEO and promotes profusely positive attributes that Google looks for and will look for in the future.

That alone is still not enough to ensure proper ranking however these below aid in promoting Brands using SEO 2.0:

Purchasing a Domain Name that is Brand Related
Building Blogs that are structured around Brand Authority
Eliminating features that are most likely to be classed as low value to your Brand – such as automated comments or hosting advertisement that is contrary to your brand image.
Creating extremely powerful pages with Focus on Branding Your Company Logo and Products.
SEO implementation that has a strategic impact on your long term ranking and brand awareness with your audience.
Being featured on blogs that are niche specific with long form articles via guest blogging.
Set up social networking accounts under your brand name and link to each other.
Conduct business, promotion and marketing under your brand banner.
Promote videos on Youtube under your Brand channel. Include your brand blog address and social networking accounts within your channel and video descriptions
Concluding Remarks

Either be a part of this change and inquire about our process of building your brand from the ground up online or fall behind with SEO practices that result in disappointing results and sad lead generation.

It’s never too late to embrace a brand that is built on authoritative SEO 2.0 practices.