Too few these days know how to spin the bottle to get social media to snuggle up in the closet with their overall marketing plan. Social media has changed the face of marketing in a number of ways and using social profiles as a means to draw people to a website has become the standard tactic.

Looking for a better way to do things? What it comes down to is using social media as a tool to carry out marketing. It’s not the new way to market, it’s just a piece to a strategized plan.

Many marketers jumped into the social relationship so quickly that it left other marketing practices lonely, and the door wide open for heartbreaking disappointment when things got spammy.

Social media remains a powerful marketing tool for businesses, but it’s got to be done right or things end up in a one night stand instead of a mutually beneficial, committed relationship.

Here are a few ideas on how to make social media and an overall marketing plan to work together for an effective campaign.

Promote Quality Content
It’s important to stay in the good graces of social networking websites. Their rules are strict, but for good reason. It keeps spam to a minimum. Nobody likes to be sold, and everybody likes to feel like they are participating.

Capitalize on that mentality by keeping things interesting and interactive. Don’t dabble in unethical and irritating techniques and you’ll gain more followers and keep the readers you’ve got.

Rather than posting as much content as possible in the hopes that it will get the attention of your followers, focus on the quality.

For instance, posting any old link on your social media profiles doesn’t do much for you. Links have to direct followers to something that’s worth reading. Social media success is based on sharability. Direct social efforts to things followers will love and share.

Building Relationships
Social media gives businesses the opportunity to work on bonds with existing and potential clients. To take full advantage of the social aspect, social media sites should be communities of dialogue.

Receiving feedback from customers is a good way learn what customers want and find out how to better suit their needs. The ability to contribute to the conversation increases customer satisfaction. Direct communication narrows the gap between customer and business, which builds the relationship and ultimately increases the success of the marketing plan.

Today’s social media readers are tomorrow’s leads. It’s a two-way street. Social media brings business and you get the recognition and advertising you want.

Leads develop into contacts and suddenly, there are all kinds of resources wrapped around your little finger. You can increase visibility, make deals, and generally give your business a boost.

Scheduling Your Social Media Activity
Your followers should be able to anticipate your posts. Loosely submitting posts doesn’t create the reader base you are looking for. Successful social media is steady and useful. Think through posts and create a schedule to follow religiously.

The better the stuff and the more frequent, the better your social media can work for your inbound campaign.

Monitoring Your Effectiveness
As time goes on, keep track of what your social media profiles are doing for your business. This approach will give you the opportunity to stay abreast of the social influence on your campaign and make changes so you can keep giving your readership what they want.

The Bottom Line
The love affair of your marketing campaign with social media is a match made in heaven. If you let them work together, you’ll have more effective marketing, and loyal customers. Keep the focus on your readership with high quality, open relationships, and frequent activity; then watch your marketing plan succeed on a whole new level.