unky blog posts and other bad pieces of content act as anchors that can weigh down any website. The term “junky” refers to any content that’s released without a considerable amount of thought and planning behind it.

The distribution of junky content plays into the misconception that all you have to do to get considerable page views from a piece of content is release it.

A lot more work goes into taking a piece of content and making it an effective tool for increasing the credibility of the brand. A poorly executed blog can be more of a detriment to a company than not having this kind of a channel at all.

The Bad Content Phenomenon

This phenomenon is something that we see entirely too much these days and it shows no signs of stopping. Hundreds of millions of websites and blog posts are released during the course of any given year. It stands to reason that a significant percentage of this content is lackluster in quality.

Some websites are more notorious about release this variety of content than others. Major search engines have a way of flushing these websites from the search results. It’s up to the discretion of the visitor to determine the difference between quality and lackluster content.

The internet viewing audience is a temperamental bunch whose idea of quality is a constantly moving target.

Damage Caused By Junk Blog Posts

Poor quality content reflects badly on the business that decides to release it. The fact that these businesses do things well in other parts of their operations doesn’t matter. Visitors trace the quality of the content to the business that hosts it.

It doesn’t matter the reasons behind the poor quality content. In the eyes of the visitors, the websites that they visit have to be clear of anything that fails to add to the conversation. They have so many choices, leaving little to no room for error for a particular website.

The Role of Content

Content should be used as a tool to build a brand, not a means for everyone involved with a brand to notice a serious decline in the short-term. Every brand needs to look at their blog as being no different than their logo.

In many ways, a blog will be more visible than a logo if it’s done correctly. Companies need to take care of their blog rather than leaving it as an afterthought hidden deep on their website. The businesses that lack the time or expertise to manage their blog adequately should consider hiring a skilled inbound marketing agency.

Why Good Content is Important

All content that a business releases has to be scrutinized to determine whether it’s adding value to the conversation. Search engines have become far too intuitive for companies to be able to release bad content and get away with it.

The penalties that are placed on companies that regularly bad content are hard to overcome. Some content might be bad for the simple reason that the company responsible for producing it doesn’t have writing talent on staff.

Luckily, there are many services out there devoted to producing reams of high quality content for their clients. If you are interested in getting started with your own content marketing campaign, we can help. Fill out this form for a free website analysis. We’ll break down your site, and tell you want it is going to take to be successful.