Have you been looking for new ways to increase your online traffic? Hiring a Utah Digital Marketing Company can assist in building your local presence while driving new leads to your website. When you are hiring a digital marketing company, it pays to find the best fit for your business needs. What are you looking for in a qualified marketing agency? Do you want to have a little involvement in your online campaigns, or do you want someone else to step in and take it over for you? Finding the right marketing company can be summed up in these simple steps.

Step # 1 – List Your Online Marketing Needs

Prior to shopping for a marketing firm, you need to make a list of your needs and expectations. Are you seeking content creation, advertising, full scale website optimization, website redesign, social media marketing, and branding? Perhaps you already have a good online marketing campaign and you just need someone else to manage it for you? Creating a list of your needs and future wants will make it easier to narrow down the marketing agencies in Utah that can actually help your business grow.

Step # 2 – Know Your Marketing Budget

There are always going to be SEO companies offering “free online marketing” gimmicks, they don’t work! When it comes to the Internet, you need to expect to pay for quality work. At Digital Flavor, we understand that not every local business has access to the same type of budgets as the big companies. We have created local online marketing packages tailored to help local businesses succeed. The cost you pay is based on the scope of work you need done. One commitment Digital Flavor has made is to give each of our clients their own account managers to provide weekly updates, allowing you to see exactly what you are paying for. At Digital Flavor, we aren’t just another SEO company, we are better!

Step # 3 – Experience

When companies start trying to bring you on as a client, it pays to do some research on the firm. How much experience do they have with online marketing? Have they been able to help other companies similar to yours? How often do their employees undergo updated training to ensure they are adhering to the latest Google requirements? Any good marketing firm plans for the Google algorithm updates so when they do occur, our clients don’t see major hits to their online presence. Spending time correctly optimizing a website and creating high-quality content will protect businesses from being penalized by the search engines. At Digital Flavor, we only use white-hat proven online marketing techniques to ensure our clients gain the visibility and leads they deserve.

Step # 4 – Online Assessments

What makes a good marketing company stand out from the rest? It depends on their employees and their ability to provide an effective scope of work. Ask about a free online assessment to see the issues that need to be addressed with your website. Once these issues are fixed, find out what steps your marketing company is planning to take to keep your website relevant and ranking within your local market. One of the most important elements when comparing firms is to see exactly what work they will provide. If a company says a lot of things, but they don’t show actual work, walk away. You want to see visible results, not a bunch of promises.

Step # 5 – Comfort Level

Your marketing company is here to work for you and make your business successful. If you immediately do not get along with your agent, ask to speak to a different one. You want a project manager that understands your business, your target market, and will be able to get along with you. While marketing firms do have proven techniques that work, it is important to find the one that actually knows your industry and feels like they are part of your business, not just someone who occasionally works for you.

At Digital Flavor, we are committed to the success of our client’s websites. We get excited about the website rankings we see for our clients, especially those clients that have bounced from marketing firm to marketing firm over the years. We want to create proven, long-term website marketing results that will breathe new life into your website! Call today, 801-820-0294, to schedule a consultation with our account managers and find out how our team can help you!