Website Design:
how well is your website designed to generate leads and win customers?
  • Is the site conversion focused and properly set up to win new customers?
  • Is the site SEO optimized and constructed correctly to maximize it’s search potential?
  • How is the site visually? Does the design favorably represent the business? Is it mobile responsive?
Messaging and Copy writing:
does the messaging demand attention and create an impact?
  • Is the messaging compelling so it actually influences?
  • Is the messaging SEO optimized so it satisfies search engines?
  • Does the messaging have a logical flow to it?
Content Marketing (blogging):
is there ongoing content that establishes authority with prospects and search engines?
  • Is there an established blog that allows for proper content posting?
  • Are the blog posts value driven, engaging, well-written, and informative?
  • Are the blog posts targeting keywords?
Search Engine Optimization:
is there an SEO plan in-place that will optimize the site’s ability to get found?
  • Is the site targeting keywords?
  • Does the site have the right coding in place?
  • If it’s a local business, do they have Google places/plus optimized for local searches?