Your copywriting is supposed to persuade. Otherwise it’s nothing but a bunch of dumb words that have no impact on the audience you’re trying to reach.

And that’s exactly what most corporate copywriting is: meaningless, dead, devoid of the ability to connect with people at all.

So what’s the difference between copywriting that works and copywriting that doesn’t? There must be some sort of method behind the madness. How do we stop creating copy that sucks, and start creating copy that works?

First, we must set an intellectual base. We must understand the simple realities of human being’s decision making process: human nature demands that buyers always want to make the best decision possible. That’s it! People want to make good buying decisions! It’s very simple. Money is on the line, and many times, so is pride.

Isn’t that so for you? Aren’t you always trying to make the best buying decisions you can based on your current perceptions and information available to you?

So if your copywriting helps a prospect know, and feel, that they are making the best decision possible, you will win their business. If your copywriting fails to accomplish this, it will simply be wasted effort.

3 objectives your copy must accomplish

There are 3 very simple objectives your copywriting is supposed to accomplish (from blog posts, to banners, to videos, to trade-shows, etc.)

  • Capture the attention of the target market.

  • Facilitate the prospect’s information gathering and decision-making processes.

  • Lower the risk of taking the next step in the selling process.

That’s it! Pretty simple right? Actually yes (in theory of course).

The process for accomplishing these 3 things is exactly the same every single time for every kind of business.

It’s like math. 2 + 2 always equals 4.

The 4 step process for accomplishing the 3 objectives

If follow this simple 4 step process, your copy will work! Your copy will have met those 3 objectives. Let’s take a look at what the 4 steps are:

Great Headlines

Interrupt your prospect and get them to pay attention. This is accomplished with a great headline. But first, in order to successfully interrupt someone, you must clearly understand their buying motivations. We call these hot buttons. What does your prospect want to gain? What do they want to avoid? If you know these things with precision, you’ll be able to create headlines that demand attention.

Favorable First Impression

Engage with your prospect and help them realize that what you’re offering is highly relevant to their interests. You’ve successfully interrupted them and they have given you their attention.

Don’t blow it! Now it’s time to give your prospects the promise that information is forthcoming that will facilitate their decision-making process. Depending on the circumstance, subheadlines or the first few sentences of your copy can accomplish this objective.

Educate the User

You’ve interrupted them, you’ve engaged with them, now it’s time to help prospects know that you have information that will help them make the best buying decision possible. Educate your prospect around relevant issues that pertain to your offer. When you know what your prospects want to gain, avoid, and what they value, it becomes easy to educate them on issues that matter.

This is accomplished in the text body. Your goal is to raise issues prospects need to be aware of, then demonstrate how you stack up against those issues.

Strong Call to Action

Provide an offer/call to action that gets prospects to take some sort of action. This could mean a free download, signing up for a webinar, or even a sales call. It all depends on where they are in the buying process. The goal here is to provide prospects a low-risk way to take the a next step. This could mean closing the deal, or just getting their email address.


So there you have it. The next time you set out to craft persuasive copy, you have a starting point, a method, and a new awareness of what you’re actually trying to accomplish. Copywriting can be very fun when you understand these things and it gets even more fun when you see that what you’ve created is impact people. The right people.