The sweet Lead Laboratory is like a perpetual ice cream sundae — it’s a dessert that never runs out. Coupling the same strategic development involved in the Content Catalyst with client input, Digital Flavor comes up with a marketing plan directly aimed at generating new business. After determining who we want to target and what we want to offer them, we roll out an overall lead campaign that includes:


We start by grabbing an audience’s attention in the places they’re most likely to be. We advertise on a number of online platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and third-party sites through the use of Google Ads. From strategy and copy writing to design and implementation, our creative team works to create an ad campaign that works for you. These advertisements are intended to pique interest and encourage an individual to click through to an associated
URL to learn more.


Digital Flavor sets up a dedicated landing page associated on your main site’s server to link your ads to. This allows for message control throughout the campaign as well as streamlined success tracking. A campaign’s landing page is intended to record an interested individual’s contact information for further follow-up after exciting them about your brand and what you have to offer.


As very few people are willing to give up their information for free, we create intriguing and helpful collateral for potential leads to download in exchange for contact details. Our downloadable materials include eBooks, white papers, guides and infographics.


As your lead database grows, we work to connect with your leads on a regular basis. With each Lead campaign comes an email blast to your existing leads, intended to nurture them with occasional contact and new, helpful downloadables.


Once potential leads have interacted with your brand, even just superficially through surfing the web, we are able to reconnect them with the Lead Laboratory campaign for up to 30 days following their initial interaction. We do this by placing relevant, original ads with Google’s retargeting network that pull your potential leads back to the landing page. This continues to remind your target audience of your brand, even when they’ve moved on in their browsing.