The Content Catalyst is the scrumptious and satisfying main course of Digital Flavor’s products. Our content offerings are meat-and-potatoes compared to the snack-sized content product most commonly found among inbound marketing agencies. While other agencies’ content often consists only of half-hearted copy creation, our content strategies include hours of team preparation and management. Here’s how we spice up content marketing:


Through client conversations and general market research, our dedicated content teams come up with a series of “personas,” or target audiences, most relevant to a given brand. These personas are the foundation of your content campaign, which aims at increasing a brand’s overall online visibility.


After determining whom we want to communicate with, we do an analysis of how to best communicate with them. A process called “keyword mapping” helps us determine what type of content these personas are searching for and how we can more visibly position your brand in those searches.


The process of researching personas and keywords leads our content team to the creation of an overall content strategy. This strategy outlines the types of content proposed for a brand’s campaign, including internal blog content and guest posting on acclaimed third-party sites. The outline gives both proposed headlines and the “why” behind use of keywords, personas and other strategic elements.