Formality is tiring and your school essays were boring.

Let’s face the facts — you and I were led astray on what good writing is.

Good writing does not mean following grammar rules perfectly. And it definitely does not mean stretching out your content to meet a minimum word count.

Good writing does not mean being wordy, complicating sentences, or having a boring-ass thesis statement.

If you have a blog or do any kind of copywriting (even if it’s just constructing an email), it’s time to stop trying to please your English teachers and start pleasing your readers.

You are now encouraged to:

  • Title your stuff with interesting and provoking headlines
  • Start a sentence with because, and, or but
  • Throw in sentence fragments — do it all you want
  • Use short sentences
  • Use brevity — the concise and exact use of words
  • Use short paragraphs — 4 lines maximum
  • Use bullet points
  • Use profanity (if you feel like it)
  • Stop making your writing emotionally detached and boring

Consider yourself liberated — by me. And start having fun with words.

When you drop all the nonsense you learned in school and take a common-sense approach to writing, your content will become exciting, entertaining, and fun.

Your readers will connect with you and your ideas.

You will become more persuasive.

Your shit will actually get read — instead of skimmed over, or completely ignored. –

No more boring bullshit. You are free.