Lead generation is one of the primary functions of your company’s website. When done well, producing and nurturing online leads can trigger transformational growth in companies.

Conversely, when little effort is given to ongoing lead generation companies can see their sales dry up, causing them to join the multitudes of businesses in the scrapheap of history.

Here are 6 changes that’ll make a big for your company’s lead generation efforts.

1. Have the Right Calls to Action

Effective calls to action are critical to the lead generation process. Calls to action are the portal for a visitor to convert to a lead. Calls to action should be brief, direct and compelling.

Use language that encourages learning and information gathering. Asking the visitor to ‘discover’ a product or ‘learn more’ about a topic that is important to them is a much more enticing call to action than asking them ‘sign up’ or ‘contact us’.

2. Place Your Calls to Action Strategically

Make sure your calls to action are placed on pages with content relevant to the offer and CTA. Analyze the visitor flow and pick a few targets for CTAs. Test to find out which locations are most effective. Always seek to streamline the visitors search for information with your offers and CTAs

Don’t be afraid to take up plenty of real estate. CTAs are meant to be seen and size, bold colors and large fonts can make a big difference in your conversion rate.

3. Create The Right Offer (Premium Content)

Creating a compelling offer is essential if you expect visitors to interact with you. Downloadable content gives the visitor a reason to trust you and gives you a chance to set yourself up as the authority.

Creating high quality ebooks, guides, white papers or other helpful tools will give your website the leverage it needs to win over visitors and convert them into leads.

4. Update Your Website Design/Landing Page

Web design can be a huge factor of influence in the decision making process of a visitor. A website with a modern, clean design and excellent user experience communicates experience and authority.

On the flip side, a dated, cheap looking or poorly functioning site can communicate ineptness, being behind the curve or being out of touch.

5. Create Strategic SEO Efforts

Having an effective SEO strategy will greatly increase your ability to generate leads.

An SEO strategy that works in concert with every aspect of your content marketing plan will ensure that you achieve the best results possible for your online search efforts. If your site is easy to find you will greatly increase the amount of leads you generate.

In depth keyword research and competition analysis will help you pick goals that you can accomplish in the near future while setting a course for long term results on more competitive terms.

6. Implement Lead Nurturing Software

Capturing a lead gets you closer to a conversion but you still need to take care of those leads to accomplish your goal.

Lead nurturing software such as Hubspot, Infusionsoft or Marketo enable companies to qualify, score and track leads. This allows them to ensure they are sending the right content, at the right frequency to maximize the opportunities for conversion.


If you have room for improvement in any of these areas make a plan now to get the changes made as soon as possible. If you would like to have a professional take a look at your specific site and circumstances request a free inbound marketing analysis.