Digital Flavor has been online for just over a year. In that time, we are pretty much used zero outbound marketing to increase our brands visibility. Instead, we have practiced what we preach with creating valuable content that answers our potential clients’ questions.

With Google’s release of Panda 4.0 Digital Flavor got a massive boost in the rankings. This Google update was based around the amount and quality of the content on your site. We wrote this blog post to explain how we used Content Catalyst to increase our organic exposure.

Using Your Own Product to Show Its Value

There’s nothing like using your own product to prove its worth. Content Catalyst was just the kick we needed to prove our strategy and direction is inline with Google.

With the SEM market evolving so quickly, this program jumped into the future with both feet, proving to ourselves and everyone else that we have a product that works.

Here’s the run down on how we did it.

Upscale Content

Google says content is the thing now. So we all refreshed our content to be new and accessible. But what we saw was that content needed to be remarkable. The best content on the Web is what gets the attention, therefore, the traffic.

Expert content draws attention to itself. It flies around the web and does what all good advertising does: naturally brings the people. It gets the shares, links, ranks, and sales.

Well-thought-out Strategy

Haphazardly revamping content isn’t enough. We saw this from the day Google’s Panda and Hummingbird updates appeared on the scene. We took a look at what they had and where they wanted to go; then planned how to get there.

All that great content is less than effective unless it is used optimally. We placed content carefully in alignment with their goals and target markets to get the most readers and drive traffic to right to their doorstep.

Professional Fulfillment

At Digital Flavor we realized that all this content and strategy wasn’t going to happen on its own. We used industry leaders to write, strategize, and implement their marketing and website. We knew that professionals have the benefit of the experience of the past while riding the wave of the future.

Expert writing and strategy is designed specifically to not only drive traffic, but convert to the sale. That means real and measurable results from something seemingly elusive, like text.

Flexibility for Both Short and Long Term

One thing our company has going for it is the ability to adjust to the ever changing Web and all its nuances. It’s a tough job to stay on top of that, let alone ahead of it. We have taken things as they come and planned for change.

Google is headed for more personal interactivity and so is Digital Flavor. We keep things simple: high quality content that’s focused on the user. That’s right in line with the trend and that means that they’re headed for the top . . . wherever the top might be.

Bottom Line

When all’s said and done, we all need to think like real inbound marketers. Instead of bowing to the wishes of Google, anticipate the next move. The best marketing is founded on fundamental principles. Make the change and move from short-term SEO practices to content that will carry you for the long-haul.

Get on the path to online success now and for the future; take a page out of the book of high quality inbound marketing.

Are you ready to start using content to drive your online exposure? If so, we would love to help. Take advantage of our free website analysis to see what you are doing right and wrong with your online marketing.

Have you used your own products? What did you learn about yourself and the direction of your business? Let’s start a conversation; leave a comment.