One of the biggest misconceptions about blogging on the internet is that you can get away with slapping together poorly thought out content. So many websites are guilty of writing like this and their traffic totals suffer as a result.

Anyone who’s involved with a website in a creative capacity should put more passion into what they put out into the world. The content that a website releases reflects back on that website, whether it’s good or bad. Since people are able to post and access data so easily these days, the current room for error is nonexistent.

Below are 4 tips for writing the perfect blog post.

Creating a Catchy/Accurate Headline

A lot of websites wager much of their success on catchy headlines they force into every article. While these headlines can draw attention to articles, readers will be able to see through it. They will want to go elsewhere to find articles that are actually worth reading.

The best way to plan articles is to start with the content itself and then come up with the headline after that. Some headlines might seem like they’re can’t miss opportunities, but you have to look at the process from another angle. The quality of the content always has to be your main focus.

Producing Content People Want to Share

Search engines place an emphasis on content that’s shared through social networking and email. Figuring out what people are going to share depends on your audience. Over time you will be able to determine what they like and what’s being shared the most.

It’s important that you remain true to the voice you cultivated from the start. Your visitors will come to expect certain things from you and when you fail to deliver, they will begin to question their loyalty. More often than not, the main thing that people share is content that gets straight to the point.

Getting Outside Opinions

There’s a particular phenomenon that tends to effect writers at some point. They spend so much time on something that they’re writing that they no longer see what’s wrong with it. This is why it’s essential for every writer to run their posts through a group of people.

As each perspective comes in, the picture of the final blog post will become clear. A truly great writer should know that they have room for improvement. Establishing a thorough editorial process will ensure that there aren’t any mistakes in the future.

Ramping Up Production

Constructing a website is a process that’s not for the faint of heart. You have to come up with a schedule for how often you will produce content. Coming up with original content on a regular basis is easier said than done. All of your content has to be at the highest level of quality.

You will begin to lose traction in the search engines if you don’t update your website enough. The rate at which you post new content should not come at the expense of the reputation of your web property.


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