In the wild west of the online world, things change quickly. Keeping up with the latest search engine frontier so your site can rank is never-ending.
Want to optimize your website with sure-fire strategies that will stick for the long-haul? Here are three tactics that will help guarantee online visibility that aren’t subject to the whims of the fearsome Google.

1. Content Strategy

You’ve heard that your online visibility is directly connected to your content, and it’s true. But a whirlwind of content without aim doesn’t get you anywhere. Content that is designed to accomplish your goals and solidify your brand increases your visibility better than any other tactic.

A content strategy analyzes your brand, goals, target market, and competitors; then turns it all into an actionable plan for success. It gives all the content on your site a direction and purpose broader than just ranking. It’s a powerful tool that turns ranking into traffic, and traffic into loyal customers or readers.

2. Keyword Category Branding

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not the most popular outlaw featured on the most-wanted posters of the internet. SEO has just shifted to a focus on marketing to people first and search engines second. The right SEO can elevate your copy to be the best friend of readers and browsers alike.

Keywords have shifted too. As search engines become smarter, keywords are important to you because they serve to categorize you into a brand; something specific that a certain group of people are looking for. If your brand has been categorized on Google with the right keywords, people find exactly what they want—on your website.

3. Content Calendars

Fresh and regular content is the name of the game. You become the watering hole of the internet as you provide sharable, valuable, and constant content. One way to keep up with all this content is the content calendar.

Plan out months of blog posts, social shares, and press releases that align with your strategy and your content will harmonize to create the visibility you’ve been working for all along. You can even automate publishing so you never miss a beat.

Conquer the Online Visibility Frontier

It’s a constant gun fight to keep your site on the first page of search engine results. If you stick to proven methods that don’t come and go like dust storms, you’ll be able to keep your online visibility past the time of the next Google update.

It’s tough to handle a content campaign by yourself, so call in the posse and get some help in the form of professional strategists, writers, and SEO experts. They’ll help you with these and many more tactics to increase your online visibility. A trusted digital marketing company will help you develop a full plan, including all the tactics listed above, so you can attract the eyes and interests of your audience.

What have you found that successfully draws in the crowd? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.