We’ve all heard the stories.

A company is killing it with their website’s inbound lead generation but something happens and leads drop through the floor. It could happen as a steady decline, or overnight with a google penalty.

Either way, the result is the same: less qualified leads coming through the site.

I think we can all admit that inbound lead generation is kind of a big deal.

Ask almost any sales rep working for almost any company if they could use more qualified leads and the answer will be a resounding “yes.” Ask almost any CEO of almost any company if their company could use more qualified leads and the answer will also be a resounding “yes.”

So how do we stop talking about getting more inbound leads and start actually getting more inbound leads? The first step is to see what smart company’s are doing.

Here are 3 things we’ve observed that keep smart companies winning with their website’s inbound lead generation:

1. They stay up to date with their site design

Successful businesses pay close attention to their websites’ design because they know design quality leaves an impression on each and every visitor.

Isn’t is true with you?

When you see a beautiful website aren’t you more likely to have favorable impressions of the company? Conversely aren’t you more likely to have unfavorable impressions of a company that has a rusted out beat up website designed 8 years ago?

Someone who has an unfavorable impression of your company certainly isn’t going to turn into a lead. That’s just common sense.

Much like a handshake can be a first impression that is lasting, a website’s design can have a similar impact. Smart companies understand this and make it a high priority to keep their site up-to-date with design because they know it’s the foundation of the impressions people will get of their company.

Inbound lead generation happens only if you create favorable impressions with someone. Smart companies know that it all starts with design.

2. They treat their site seriously and create new content continuously

The days of seeing your website as a fringe part of the company are over.

  • It’s not a side project
  • It shouldn’t be on the back burner of priorities
  • It’s not something you look at every now and then


Your company’s website is probably the most important piece of marketing collateral that could be created, looked after, and updated.

Smart companies understand this and make their most important piece of marketing collateral (their website) a top priority. Smart companies will be found:

  • constantly adding to their site
  • analyzing online marketing trends and best practices
  • creating SEO and content strategies and then following through (or having someone else follow through for them…like us!)

The bottom line is more potential to impact and influence prospects lies with your website then any other medium.

Inbound lead generation can happen over the long-term if a company treats their site seriously.

3. They are always testing and evolving

The days of getting a site designed and developed and then setting it aside for the next 3 years are over. The game has evolved past that outdated paradigm.

A site that really gets results requires constant testing and a willingness to evolve. This requires being objective. It also requires constantly coming up with new ways to improve things; from messing, to design, to coding, to forms, to offers, to blog content, to visitor flow.

Smart companies understand this and are constantly testing, tweaking, experimenting, changing, updating, and evolving their site from head to toe.

They see their site as an evolving eco system that needs constant attention to make better.


Keep the leads flowing!

  • Stay up to date with your site design,
  • treat your site seriously and create new content continuously,
  • and always be testing and evolving.

Do these 3 general things and keep the inbound leads coming over the long-term.