Like I said in my previous post, inbound marketing isn’t rocket science, but it needs to be done right. In other words, there are certain things that need to happen in order to experience results with inbound marketing.

Half hearted efforts may make you feel good for trying, but they won’t actually move the needle.

You need a dedicated team of people with various skill sets all working in synergy to really make things happen. Unfortunately, putting this together takes major time, effort, and money (all of which are limited).

Most small and medium sized businesses simply don’t know where to get started. How do you find a great:

  • Coder
  • Copy writer
  • Designer
  • Search engine expert
  • Social media expert

And get them working in harmony on a solid strategy that will achieve real results?

In theory, doing this should be easy, but in practice most marketing managers find it to be extremely hard.

Yet the fact remains that you need more traffic, more leads, and more sales from your website. So the question that naturally arises is should you do inbound marketing yourself? Or hire an agency?

Yes we know we’re biased on this one, but seriously consider these 3 reasons why your company needs an inbound marketing agency.

1. Results: partnering with the right inbound marketing agency will increase your chances of actually getting results

What you need is more traffic, more leads, and more customers. What you don’t need is more excuses, more ‘good trys,’ and more failed attempts.

A great inbound marketing agency has already worked out the kinks. They have figured out what works and what doesn’t which means they should have the ability to put you on a fast track toward success.

Unless you find a truly exceptional inbound marketer with significant and authentic experience creating inbound campaigns and building inbound teams, the chances of you creating a highly successful campaign right out of the gate just aren’t that high. I know this may sound harsh but it’s the truth. Without that previous experience there are just too many things to figure out that require too many different skill sets.

Figuring things out takes time. Making mistakes takes time. And both of these require money. You need results as fast as possible, not wasted effort and time.

Which leads me to my next point…

2. Cost: partnering with the right inbound marketing agency is cheaper than building an in-house team

To be successful with your inbound efforts, a company will need to be doing the following on a regular basis:

  1. Desining landing pages, emails, ads, and various graphics
  2. Coding with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and maybe some PHP as well
  3. Creating ongoing SEO campaigns while keeping up to date with the latest search engine trends
  4. Creating online social media campaigns and growing your social reach and influence
  5. Constantly coming up with new copy for various pages, ads, and posts
  6. Creating a massive amount of engaging, value adding blog content
  7. Creating offers, ebooks, calls to action, and lead nurture tracks
  8. Plus more…

Getting the required skill sets on your team to pull this off isn’t easy, and it’s definitely going to cost you. With the example above it looks like you’ll be needing to hire for the following positions at around these salaries:

  • Designer 50k/year
  • Coder 80k/year
  • Search engine expert 40k/year
  • Social media expert 40k/year
  • Lead copywriter 50k/year
  • Marketing manager 75k/year

That’s 335k/year to put together a fully functioning inbound team (and that’s just the salary costs which doesn’t include another 20{e108bb21be762fc6fa6f79a68ef8277ec5dd508afc1fd385a5d42c82a88a4204} + for taxes, insurance, and supplies).

If you want to see our pricing we’re more than happy to show it to you, but rest assured it’s much much much less than 335k/ year (like MUCH less) to take advantage of the full benefits of an inbound team.

3. Bandwidth: partnering with the right inbound marketing agency will free up your time and effort

Your time and energy are valuable and when you spread them too thin, the quality of everything you do starts to decline. This fact isn’t true because you’re weak, it’s because you’re human.

I’ve had too many personal experiences with this one to not be blunt about it. When your energy is spread too thin, you lose your creative mojo. You no longer think clearly. You become a scatter brained mess.

So not spreading yourself too thin should be a huge priority for you because you’ll actually get much more done by having a laser focus set upon realistic goals.

Partnering with the right inbound agency will allow you to keep this laser focus pointed on the right things that make the most of your time, knowledge, and skills. Sure you could figure out this inbound stuff, there’s no doubt about that, but is it really worth the opportunity cost?

In most cases, the answer is definitely a resounding no.


Partnering with the right agency will:

  1. Get you results faster (more traffic, more leads, and more customers)
  2. Save your company big-time money in comparison to building out an internal team
  3. Keep your time and energy laser focused on what you already do best

Ready to get started? We always start by providing a custom inbound marketing analysis (it’s free). Click here to request yours!