Becoming a terrific copywriter has power. The power to influence, and the power to propel ideas. The power to move people, and move product.

Here’s a list of quick ways you can start becoming a bad ass copywriter.

Become a blogger and commit to writing crafty content daily.
Write for publication, even if it’s only for the local newsletter. Craft an argument that is compelling about a local issue you are passionate about.
Comment on your favorite blogs (read the well-written articles first). What would you have added to the articles? What could have been articulated more effectively? What parts were chaotic and needed to be simplified?
Read Zinsser’s “On Writing Well” regularly.
Read and go through the copywriting tutorials that are provided.
Read and download 52 Headline Hacks, print it off and read a few pages every time when you sit down to write. Remember, headlines are the most important element of copywriting and what kick-starts your creativity.
Read (where part of this list originally came from). This is another terrific resource. Reading great writing is the key to becoming a great writer.
Take a writing course. Make sure you are constantly improving. Humble yourself and learn.
Join a writing group. If you can’t find one, form one.
Enter writing competitions. Test out your skills! You never know where your skills are until they are put into the world and evaluated critically.