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“Working with Digital Flavor has been a pleasure. It wasn’t very long before I really started to see some great organic progress on our core keywords. They’ve also made a significant difference with the number and quality of new leads. I’ve been very pleased with the overall progress of my campaign, and would recommend Digital Flavor to anyone looking for a custom online marketing solution.”

Chad Hofheins

CEO, Synergy Power

“We found our competitors began to overtake our sites placement, despite my efforts. I contacted Digital Flavor a few years back. Ever since, I have been pleased with their service, and my business has too. We have seen significant improvement with our online visibility and social presence.”

Tayson Rockefeller

VP of Marketing, Teton Valley Realty

“We’re a small business but we needed big results online. We interviewed a few different inbound marketing agencies and decided to go with Digital Flavor. We are so happy we did! We’ve been getting new leads and our search engine rankings are better than we ever realistically hoped for.”

Brent Ballard

Marketing Director, ABC Property Management

Digital Flavor Blog

What to Do When Your Website Is Outdated

When the internet first emerged, we were told to update our websites every five years. As technology continued to advance, that number dropped down to two years. Now, with technology and web design trends changing so quickly, we are lucky if we only have to update our...

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Get a Custom Website Analysis

Website Design: how well is your website designed to generate leads and win customers? Is the site conversion focused and properly set up to win new customers? Is the site SEO optimized and constructed correctly to maximize it’s search potential? How is the site...

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How to Convert, Close, & Retain

Convert Visitors Create Leads Turn traffic to your site into leads for your business. Imagine the last online form you filled out where you gave a company your information. What factors went into your decision? I'm sure there were lots of subtle things that affected...

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Inbound Marketing = Smarter Marketing

Inbound marketing is a smarter approach to online marketing that actually gets results. Attract, convert, close, and retain the new customers your business deserves. Don't worry, we'll help. We get it, you want to grow your business. You know your business can be more...

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Warning: Focus on Execution, Not Strategy

When I look around the business landscape I see lots of people with great plans. Every department has a terrific, logical, and well thought out strategy to accomplish it’s goals. Marketing departments are going to generate thousands of perfectly qualified leads, HR...

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