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“Working with Digital Flavor has been a pleasure. It wasn’t very long before I really started to see some great organic progress on our core keywords. They’ve also made a significant difference with the number and quality of new leads. I’ve been very pleased with the overall progress of my campaign, and would recommend Digital Flavor to anyone looking for a custom online marketing solution.”

Chad Hofheins

CEO, Synergy Power

“We found our competitors began to overtake our sites placement, despite my efforts. I contacted Digital Flavor a few years back. Ever since, I have been pleased with their service, and my business has too. We have seen significant improvement with our online visibility and social presence.”

Tayson Rockefeller

VP of Marketing, Teton Valley Realty

“We’re a small business but we needed big results online. We interviewed a few different inbound marketing agencies and decided to go with Digital Flavor. We are so happy we did! We’ve been getting new leads and our search engine rankings are better than we ever realistically hoped for.”

Brent Ballard

Marketing Director, ABC Property Management

Digital Flavor Blog

What’s the Secret Behind Inbound Marketing

Have you ever had an interview that was really uncomfortable? You know, the interview during which everyone red ques ons at you and watched with blank expressions as you squirmed in your seat. The interview where it wasn’t just your suit that was making you sweat and...

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Inbound Marketing for Franchises

The Changing Marketing World Interrupting people’s lives to try and sell a product has become intrusive and unwanted in the eyes of the American public. According to the Content Marketing Institution: -86% of viewers fast-forward through TV commercials -44% of mail is...

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Beginners Guide to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a term that has come up a lot in recent years. It is the new buzzword in the marketing world. Is it just a trend? A passing fad that will soon be gone with the wind? The answer is no; inbound marketing is here to stay. And the faster you learn to...

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