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Digital Flavor Blog

Social Media Advertising: The Future is Now

As part of the requirements to finish my degree, I took a college course in news writing. Being a public relations student, I felt somewhat out of place in the newsroom; however, I quickly grew to enjoy the interactions I had with my editors and advisors.  On various occasions they would try to convince me to change majors from public relations to print journalism.  I would smile and politely decline, but internally I scoffed – everyone knew print journalism was dying! Everyone was right, but everyone was also wrong.  While countless newspapers around the country closed their doors, others began thriving in the digital world.  That’s what so many of us failed to predict – instead of giving up, print journalists adapted and moved forward into the Internet Age. It should come as no surprise then that the rest of the industry followed suit.  According to Hootsuite, Internet advertising surpassed newspaper advertising spending for the first time last year.  Traditional marketing companies are adapting to this new world, and—at least where I live—it feels like you can’t throw a rock without hitting another online marketing agency. With all of these different options available, it can be hard to know how to spend your advertising budget.  E-mail campaigns, web ads, videos – the choices can be overwhelming.  A good online marketing agency can help you find the right blend of marketing platforms for your business. If you want one area to focus on right now, I suggest social media advertising. Social Media Advertising: Big Business Social media advertising is the way of the future.  Research shows that the click-through rate... read more

Creating an Effective First Impression

We’ve all heard the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” First impressions count. A potential customer’s first interaction with your brand will set a precedent for the type of engagement they plan to have with you for the foreseeable future—that’s a lot of pressure! Oftentimes, advertisements provide an individual’s first exposure to a brand. Whether it’s a TV commercial, billboard or banner ad online, these ads are a brand’s opportunity to express who they are, what they offer and why anyone should care. Advantages Posting ads online is by far the most popular method of advertising. They’re popular for good reason, too: Instant interaction: Audiences can immediately “click” to continue engagement with a brand. Demographic targeting: Advertising online gives you the flexibility to play with multiple platform type in an effort to find the right audience for you. Cost effective: In comparison to advertising through traditional media channels, advertising online reaches a significantly higher number of people for a fraction of the cost. Challenges The popularity of online advertising is unfortunately the channel’s greatest downfall. With so many brands flocking to this method of advertising, there is a significant amount of clutter. The biggest challenge in pursuing online advertising is to rise above the clutter with a sleek, efficient advertisement. Ensuring Efficiency Use standard banner sizes When using AdWords or other retargeting ad services, you typically have a few options for the types and sizes of ad space available. According to Google Adsense, the most successful sizes are: 336×280 Large Rectangle 300×250 Medium Rectangle 728×90 Leaderboard 160×600 Wide Skyscraper Make it pretty The initial... read more

You Won’t Read This Article, but it Could Help Others Read Yours

No one’s reading your online writing. At best, they are skimming. According to the Neilson Norman Group, users are most likely to read only 20% of your page. So how do you communicate with readers when they don’t bother reading 80% of your content? As the Content Director of a digital marketing firm, I’ve learned some tricks that just might help you with your writing. Compelling titles and introductions are a must Don’t lose people at the headline. If your readers can’t make it past your headline, you’re doing something wrong. At the very least, try using attention-hogging adjectives to make your bland headlines more exciting. Be concise Don’t waste your reader’s time. Ensure they benefit from every second they spend reading your article. Don’t write fluff We can all tell the difference between a substantial article and fluff. The second we decide an article is fluff—we bounce! Write for the scanners Since the majority of your readers are scanning, take advantage of headlines, formatting, and layout to guide those skimming eyes through the tour of your article. Bold, italicize, and underline important words so even a quick glance gives readers something to think about. Make information bite sized This means: 1 idea per sentence and paragraph 3 sentences or 4 lines per paragraph Only use paragraphs when lists won’t work Short and simple sentences Refrain from long sentences strung together with billions of commas. Long, overly punctuated sentences discourage readers who assume the information presented will be complicated and hard to grasp. Utilize headings to convey your message Skimmers reading your article will skip from header to header,... read more

The Art of Infographics: Blending Written and Visual Content

The year is 2015. Content marketing is here to stay, and everyone knows the importance of having quality written content. However, a wall of text—no matter how well written—is not going to get the job done. With so much content available, you really need to have a unique product or message to get through the noise. Excellent content marketing comes from a successful blend of the written word and stunning visuals that captivate your audience. The right premium inbound marketing company can help you on the path to infographic success. The Importance of Visual Content A picture might be worth a thousand words, but an image with text tells an entire story. Also, tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets than those without images. If that were the case, why wouldn’t you include visuals with your written content? The Best Infographics As with any other piece of content, if it’s not well written and easy to understand people are going to scroll right past your infographic. Remember, you’re not writing a novel. Hit the main points and, if you need to explain further, look to the example of pairing your infographic with an article or a blog post. Learning from Newspapers Premium inbound marketing companies are becoming very good at crafting message-laden infographics, but some of the best examples of using an infographic to tell a story come from the original storytellers – newspapers. Newspapers have adapted to the digital age just like everybody else, but they have an advantage over the rest of us: they’ve been using infographics for years in the forms... read more

Finding a Voice: A Marketing Writer’s Identity Crisis

When I envision a writer, my mind typically fabricates a thin, emotionally tortured Englishman writing prose at the local café or a fast-paced, witty newspaper columnist trotting down Wall Street with a tape recorder and notepad in hand. In my mind, the stereotypical “writer” persona generally has a standout personality and a very particular written style. Because of this personal bias, I have a hard time labeling myself as a “writer.” Working in online marketing means I literally write for a living… so why can’t I consider myself as such? What does it mean to be “a writer?” After years of tortured deliberation, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my idea of a “writer” is very narrow. For too long, I’ve focused on the concept of a specific style or written voice defining who I am as a writer. As marketing writers, we are actually much more effective at our jobs when we are not pigeonholed by a particular style of writing. Instead, it’s important that we are dynamic and moldable in our writing style. There are two main considerations when molding your writing style in favor of a specific brand: 1. Think of Your Audience We’ve all heard it before: it’s important to keep the things that your target audience wants to hear in mind. What your audience wants to hear can drive your messaging. All too often, however, writing for the audience can cannibalize internal marketing strategies. The trick is to find a balance between what your audience wants to hear and what your brand wants to say. 2. Embody the Brand I once had... read more

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Efforts?

Social media has taken over our lives. Once the domain of the young and technology-minded, social media is being embraced by the masses. More and more people are turning to social media as their primary news source, and friends and families are connected like never before. In this modern day where people can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information being thrown at them, it’s easy for your message to get lost. It may be time for you to invest in the service of a content marketing firm to manage your social media. Here are three things you can do to help your message soar above the rest on social media: 1. Invest time into a winning strategy. Anyone can post on social media, but do you have the time to make sure your posting is effective? A comprehensive social media strategy should be equal parts planning, implementing, and measuring. If you don’t have multiple hours to spend on your social media efforts each week, start looking for help so you can free up your valuable time. After all, time is money. 2. Make sure every post has an appropriate image. Did you know that tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets than those without images? That’s a huge opportunity that you might not be capitalizing on! When you include an image with your posts, make sure it is relevant to the post, engaging, and appropriate. Using a meme might seem cool, but if you’re posting about a sensitive topic, it’s best to steer clear. 3. Schedule content ahead of time.... read more

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